Who we are

The North Calgary Branch of the Legion is commonly known as The Kensington Legion, it is one of the largest branches of The Royal Canadian Legion. It offers a restaurant with great food, and a wide selection of programs to support veterans.

Founded in 1953, the Legion and its rich history serve as a reminder of those who gave their lives for what we have today. As you walk through the Legion, you'll see our museum of medals and plaques and our Legion shop, where you can make purchases to support local veterans. Kensington Legion also features annual Remembrance Day events and is a proud supporter of the Remembrance Day Poppy Fund.

Although historically the Legion has been portrayed as a place for older veterans, Kensington Legion is proud to also have a blossoming membership of all Canadians who support the principles of The Legion. From live music to baseball & football games to shuffleboard, you'll find all the activities you love when you become a member of The Legion.

Visit our legion membership information page today to learn more about how you can join the Royal Canadian Legion today.